About Apertor

Our sole purpose is to increase the revenue of our customers.

We perform your sales- and market-development processes for you.  Our clients look to strengthen their existing sales performance through our support or entrust all sales activity to our experienced senior sales executives rather than investing internally.

What other companies have experienced

Our focus is 100% on sales so we are able to deliver far beyond that of internal sales resources, which have other responsibilities such as existing clients needs. Therefore our clients find it very valuable to work with our qualified sales-experts on a 10 – 30 % basis, as such a small position might be difficult to staff internally.  We have done this for a number of companies in a variety of industries.  

Apertor’s services are also very cost-effective way to test whether your offerings or solutions will be well received in Norway – before staffing the own full-time sales resources.

Apertor is a registered trademark.  Established in 2009.  The credit rating companies have given us the highest rating for several years.

How to Contact us

You also find us on LinkedIn at:  www.linkedin.com/company/apertor 
Contact us on phone +47 67 123456 for a candid conversation to see if our services can be of interest for you either in Norway or Internationally.  You also reach us at a@apertor.net or send a message at the bottom of this page.
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